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“Martin provides a relaxed and friendly environment for his customers. He believes in you and makes you believe in yourself, this is what makes his classes different. The nutritional programme allowed me to finally reach my goal weight and get the right balance with my diet and exercise.”

Carrie Minagh

“I have completed 28 marathons/ultra marathons. I decided to attend Martin’s classes and this is when my performance really started to improve. I have since been placed in the top 20 of the Irish 50km and in the top 10 of the 100km championship.”

Graham Whittaker

 “I came to Martin 6 weeks before my Kickboxing fight and gained so much in terms of strength, conditioning and nutritional advice. I lost 6kg in a short space of time and have never felt as fit or as strong. Martin brought me further than I had ever expected with Kickboxing and was always on hand for advice.”

Philip Nee

“My CrossFit journey began 11 weeks post pregnancy in the hope of losing some of the weight I had gained. This isn’t your typical “gym” this is CrossFit. This is every exercise brought down to your level of fitness and broken down into stages of progression. Never once did I feel like I couldn’t complete an exercise or at the very least attempt it. By week four I checked the scale, I was down 15lb! I had smashed through my weight loss goal! 

At the end of the 8 weeks I had lost 22.5lb, gained a completely new perspective on eating properly and gained a huge amount of confidence as well as some fantastic new friends.”

Toni Duncan

“I have been following Martins programme for the past 12 weeks.  In that time I’ve lost 15 pounds & I’ve found this programme very easy to follow. Despite me living in Monaghan & communicating with Martin via phones and the internet, he has proven to be a great support to me during this time.

 The training programme that he has provided me with has been really good and I’m really enjoying it! Before I started this programme my confidence was very low and I had tried every other diet but nothing else had worked. Since I started this programme my confidence has really grown and thanks to Martin I am achieving all of my goals! He is always there to offer any help and support that I may need.  I would happily recommend this programme!”

Siobhan Leer

After 2 months of working out at Fusion Training Centre, I went for a body check and  couldn’t believe the results. They were amazing! I had a metabolic age equivalent of a 14 year old, muscle mass of 41KG, and a visceral fat level of 1, (this is the fat packed around your internal organs and the lower the better: scale 1-12)!! I have never been more confident than I am right now and at my physical best.”

Fiona Greene

“I was stuck in a rut and weighed 17.5 stone of misery. I used to run to try to manage my weight but then a hereditary heart problem arose and stopped my training. 

I met Martin and he introduced me to CrossFit. From the first moment, I loved it! It was difficult to begin with but it was fun, structured and every class was different so I never got bored. Martin talked to me one-on-one and was always there to motivate me and give me a kick when I needed it!

When I returned to the hospital for a check-up 3 months later I was over 3 stone lighter! Even the doctors remarked that my heart was in great condition and I passed all tests with flying colours. I’ve started running again too! I have learned that running gives you some level of fitness but with Martin’s CrossFit classes you will get fit to live your life! Thanks Martin!”

Paul Sheriff

8 weeks on I’m so grateful to the team and my new buddies for my positive experience which has resulted in a 23lbs weight loss and reaching a fitness level I didn’t think I was capable of. I always look forward to the classes, and cannot wait to start the next stage of my journey with Cú Chulainn.”

Aisling Malone


“At the initial stages of working with Martin I was unaware and skeptical of the benefits that he could provide. From our first meeting I realised that Martin had a passion, enhanced with great motivation that was infectious. Around our pre-season training Martin tailored special training programmes to work on various aspects such strength and power to meet the demands of the training session. He also provided a personalised nutrition plan for each individual with in the club. Martin developed a friendship and trust with us all, yet challenged us all to challenge ourselves. Martin has extreme knowledge of health and fitness training, which brings you where you want to go. If you want answers, Martin is the man!”

Padraig Dully, St.Peters FC

“Brilliant programme for kick-starting the players back into pre-season training.  Gets the blood flowing and energy up!”

Brian Frawley, Manager, Willow Park FC

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